How to Apply for a Merchant Mariner Credential

Applying for an MMC requires multiple documents to be acquired in advance before the application can be submitted.
(1) Apply for your TWIC and include a scanned copy of your TWIC in your application. If you have applied for, but not received your TWIC, include the TWIC receipt with your MMC application. The TWIC receipt is sufficient proof for the Coast Guard that you have been issued a TWIC.
(2)  Complete MMC application. (Form CG-719B)
(3) Have a doctor complete the physical exam form (CG-719K)
(4) Take a DOT 5 Panel drug test and have the test administrator complete form CG-719P
(5) If you want to be able to sail outside the Inland waters of the United States on vessels greater than 200 tons take a basic safety training (BST) course. Although the course is not a prerequisite to work as an entry level rating, it is recommended to expand employment opportunities and be a safer mariner
(6) Pay the fee of $140 at Print out the receipt
(7) Swear the Merchant Mariner Oath before a notary
(8) Mail or submit in person the whole stack of papers to your local USCG Regional Examination Center
(9) Wait 2-4 weeks for your MMC to arrive in the mail. Based on the National Maritime Center’s progress report on it’s own efficiency there is a very high chance that the MMC will arrive within 30 days