How to Get a TWIC Card

A TWIC Card is required to start a Merchant Mariner Credential application process. The TWIC Card application process has grown cheaper and faster since it’s inception. Advanced planning can make the application process even easier.

1.Gather your documents needed to be issued a TWIC.

Option A:

Bring one of these unexpired documents:
U.S. Passport (book or card)
U.S. Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL)
Global Entry Card — demonstrates U.S. Citizenship if indicated on the card
Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC)
NEXUS Card – demonstrates U.S. Citizenship if indicated on the card
Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) Card
Free and Secure Trade (FAST) Card


Option B:

Bring one of these  documents                               and a government issued picture ID

Documents that establish citizenship: Government Issued Photo IDs:
Original or certified copy of birth issued by a government authority Unexpired US State Driver’s License
U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (N-560 or 561) Unexpired temporary driver’s license plus expired driver’s license (together, these two count as one document)
U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (N-550 or 570) Unexpired photo ID card issued by the federal government or by a State or outlying possession of the U.S)
Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240) State University ID Card
Certification of Birth Abroad (FS-545)


Unexpired U.S. military, retired military or military dependent card
Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350) Unexpired TWIC
U.S. Citizen Identification Card (I-179 or I-197) Unexpired Merchant Mariner Credential
Expired U.S. passport within 12 months of expiration Native American tribal document with photo

2. Go online and pre-enroll.

  • Fill out the pre-enrollment form.
  • Select your nearest TWIC enrollment center.
  • Select a 10 minute appointment slot on the date you desire to have your TWIC appointment.
  • Print out the pre-enrollment receipt, which has a barcode on it.

3. Show up for your appointment. If you have a have an appointment you should be assisted promptly.

  • Show your TWIC pre-enrollment receipt and identification documents. Pay the TWIC processing fee of $125.25 for new TWICs and $105.25 for TWIC renewals.
  • Be fingerprinted taken by scanner.
  • Confirm the information placed on the pre-enrollment sheet.
  • Sit for a digital photograph for your ID.
  • Receive your TWIC Card receipt. This is needed to initiate a Merchant Mariner Credential application.

4. Receive your TWIC Card:

  • Schedule a pickup time at the TWIC center to pick-up the TWIC Card.
  • Have the TWIC mailed to you.