Motel 6 Residence Hall at Cal Maritime

Over 150 students sat in attendance with close to 200 viewing a Facebook live stream of the town hall meeting on the evening of Thursday, February 8th regarding the acquisition of the Motel 6 adjacent to the California Maritime Academy. Students voiced their concerns over the recent development and proceeded to ask questions for 2 1/2 hours after the presentation.

Motel 6 Expansion:

Students expressed doubt over the feasibility of the Motel 6 project. Public Relations Director Robert King announced through campus wide email January 19th that Cal Maritime purchased the Motel 6 property. The email declared that the property would be used as housing for 250 students. Students immediately pushed back against the project. At first, off-campus students were concerned about their immediate housing situation. Many of these off campus cadets were worried that they would be pulled back against their will onto campus housing. As questions sat unanswered a larger movement formed out of students dissatisfied with past and current university policies. These students demanded a response from campus administration.

Campus Response:

After 2 weeks, Cal Maritime posted answers to frequently asked questions on January 31st. You can read the FAQs by clicking the link to Cal Maritime below.
These answers did not satisfy all concerns and questions and the presentation dragged on for hours. Many questions surrounded the ability of the student body to take the administration at their word due to no written policy and past disappointments. James Dalske, Dean of Students, responded that every day is about building trust and Vice President Steven Kreta requested the student body give administration the benefit of the doubt in their ability to act in the best interest of the student body.



Reception to the meeting was mixed. Student social media comments and interactions remained skeptical on the ability for positive change to materialize quickly.
Vice President Kreta sent an email to all students the next day thanking them for their participation and stated

“We (higher administration) will work hard to regain your trust and confidence.”

Student leader Nicholas “Bowdy” Bower of the Cadet Advisory Committee on Housing Improvement (CACHI) remained optimistic on the meeting and stated that the student’s voices have been heard and have made an impression on the administration.

More meetings are likely to follow in what may be a long and drawn out discussion over the direction of the Academy’s expansion.