Top 13 Documents Every Graduate Needs

Congratulations! You’re on your way to success!
A degree and license from a maritime academy is like receiving a lifetime supply of Starbucks. Don’t let the paperwork associated with being a sailor stop you from sipping the frothy foam of life.
Set yourself up right while your paperwork pile is a small bunny hill!

Start off with A Strongbox:

All of a graduate’s documents needed for employment needs to be secured in a single location. No one wants to be the fresh graduate who has to tell their employer that they can start work “After I call my Mom” for a piece of paperwork. A well maintained strongbox can make land the job of your dreams.
Inside a strongbox you should keep:
  1. Passport
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Merchant Mariner Credential
  4. TWIC/ Copy of TWIC
  5. Proof of your last USCG physical
  6. Copy of medical insurance card
  7. Proof of drug testing
  8. Scanned copy of your driver’s license
  9. Copy of your security clearance (If you are lucky enough to have one)
  10. Vaccination card
  11. A copy of all sea time letters
  12. An current resume with a separate page of reference’s contact information
  13. Void check for direct deposit
Deck Specific:
  1. GMDSS License
  2. Proof of endorsements such as Tankerman PIC and Mate of Tow
Give yourself organization and piece of mind while you have a fresh start! The responsibilities and career opportunities will only grow from this point on! Make sure to keep track of when each credential needs to be renewed!
Did we miss any documents that you think are more precious than gold? Comment your opinion below!