What Boats Can I Work on With a TWIC?

With a TWIC, new employment opportunities arise. A TWIC allows for a worker to access vessels docked in secure port facilities. In addition a TWIC allows an employee to work as a non-licensed member of the crew on vessels less than 100 tons on domestic and international voyages.
This includes:
  1. K-Class passenger boats which carry more than 150 passengers
  2. Tow boats greater than 8 meters
  3. Tow boats towing tank barges filled with dangerous liquids such as petroleum products
Although deckhands on these vessels only require TWIC cards, it is recommended that anyone applying for a TWIC card for maritime work also apply for a merchant mariner credential as well. Every newly issued merchant mariner credential requires the applicant receive a TWIC in order to record the fingerprints and bio-metric data of the applicant.  If an applicant is willing to go through the TWIC application process to gain employment, the applying for a merchant mariner credential is the recommended next step.