Why Don’t Cadets Need Basic Safety Training?

Cadets are allowed to work without completing Basic Safety Training because they are not fulfilling a Certificate of Inspection (COI) manning requirement and are considered supernumeraries on the station bill.
During Commercial Cruise, Cadets are sent out to sea without completing Basic Safety Training. (BST) Basic safety training consists of 5 components:
  • Basic First aid
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Basic Security Awareness
  • Personal Safety
  • Basic Lifesaving
Some of these courses are not covered until the final year of instruction. Despite this, cadets can sail on vessels in International Waters because they are not assigned duties as members of the crew. In practice, this means that on the station bill, the cadet does not have a permanent position. In the event of a real emergency, a cadet would report to the bridge or cargo control room with all of the other supernumeraries. Supernumeraries would include temporary day workers, supervisors and paying passengers of the vessel.  Cadets would not be involved in the actual response to the incident.